High Visibility Quality of Life Enhancement Spaces

Ship’s Tribute Room

USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) Tribute Room captures the history and life of the ship’s namesake. It will educate the crew and visitors over the ship’s 50-year operational life, the legacy of President John F. Kennedy our 35th President of the United States. It will provide a visual depiction of a man and WWII sailor who was defined by the motto “Serve with Courage”.

Commanding Officers Import Cabin Complex

The Commanding Officer’s Inport Cabin is a show piece of the ship, very similar to the impact of the Tribute Room. The Inport Cabin is generally where visiting dignitaries such as the President, high ranking officials, Secretary of State, Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations are an example of who would stay during their visit. Enhancements to the Inport Cabin provide another place on the ship where President Kennedy’s legacy can be seen visually, and the setting of mementos and artifact will be displayed. This is an area that has many uses that provides the Commanding Officer a variety of options to use.

JFK Ship Enhancements (1)

Ship’s Chapel

The Ship’s Chapel is the one place on the ship specifically designated for religious studies. USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) will have a designated chaplain and a host of other religious persons to provide guidance, mentorship, spiritual growth and counseling to the crew and embarked air wing. This is a sanctuary on the ship for sailors to visit and attend services. Requested items such as stain glass window, upgraded pews, chairs and pulpit are just a few enhancements to the chapel.

Ship’s Learning Resource Center/Training

Jfk Sailor Studying

The Ship’s Learning Resource Center provides classroom type settings that will be essential elements of CVN 79 Sailor professional and personal development. The Ford Class Carrier will deliver the most technologically advanced ship in the world. Our sailors, who are the heart and soul of the ship, will become the subject matter experts on all systems onboard and take this great ship to sea. The CVN 79 Training Department will rely heavily on training classrooms well equipped to serve their training needs of our sailors. The crew, including embarked Airwing will be approximately 4,660 sailors who will make great use of the Ship’s Learning Resource/Training Classrooms. They will not only be used for military in-rate training it will also serve for many sailors pursuing off-duty education towards a bachelor's or a master’s degree.

Ceremonial Quarterdeck

The Ship’s Ceremonial Quarterdeck maintains a part of the rich history and tradition of the United States Navy. It is located adjacent to the gangway where officers and diplomatic guests board the vessel. Traditionally there is a podium on the quarterdeck where the Officer and Petty Officer stand 24-hour watch in their dress uniforms. Three large photo boards are placed on the quarterdeck providing visual education on the Battle Group and ship’s chain of command and more recently a Hero Board depicting all the sailors attached to the ship who have been sent on individual deployments in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

Crew Library

USS John F Kennedy (CVN 79) shipboard library will serve as a space on the ship for sailors similar to a public library service in our communities. It will have an organized and well thought out collection of resources to enhance our sailors needs for professional and personal growth

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