Ship’s Sponsor

  • The Honorable Caroline Kennedy, United States Ambassador to Australia

Honorary Commissioning Committee

  • Admiral William E. Gortney, USN, Retired
  • Admiral John M. Richardson, USN, Retired
  • Vice Admiral Richard P. Breckenridge, USN, Retired
  • Vice Admiral Andrew L. Lewis, USN, Retired
  • Vice Admiral DeWolfe H. Miller, III, USN Retired
  • Vice Admiral Troy M. Shoemaker, USN, Retired
  • Vice Admiral Nora W. Tyson, USN, Retired
  • Rear Admiral Dennis E. FitzPatrick, Retired
  • Rear Admiral Roy J. Kelley, USN, Retired
  • Rear Admiral David A. Welch, USN, Retired
  • Captain Todd Marzano, USN, Retired
  • The Honorable James W. Cicconi
  • Mr. Bob Haner
  • Mr. Mark Honecker
  • Ms. Lisa Dante Papini
  • Mr. John Riley

Commissioning Committee

  • Ms. Maryellen Baldwin, President & Chief Executive Officer, Navy League Hampton Roads
  • Captain Louis J. Schager, USN, Retired, Chairman of the Board, Navy League Hampton Roads
  • Captain Stephen J. Laukaitis, USN, Retired, Board of Directors, Navy League Hampton Roads
  • Ms. Bre Kingsbury, Vice President of Development
  • Mrs. Meredith Shafley, Development and Program Manager

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USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) Commissioning

The Navy League's sole purpose is to fund what the Government does not. All contributions will enhance the quality of life for all those who will serve aboard the USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79).

Become a Part of United States Navy History

Contributions in any amount are welcomed. Your generosity will be recognized on the donor page of this site as well as in our commissioning publication, given to all guests attending the commissioning ceremony.